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Development of IoT Applications

Hello Internet. This is one of these rare and festive moments.

A new, admittedly rather short, blog post is happening. What is the occasion? There would have been some occasions for blog posts in the last couple of months. Be it my new Frontend and Core NodeJS Dev Job at Microtroncis, a company pushing the borders of technology around the hyped term "Internet of Things" and making it accessible for the general (dev) public. Or it could be about finishing my master programme which led to a thesis about "CORE ASPECTS OF EFFICIENT CROSS PLATFORM MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT - researched based upon a hybrid example application". Okok, pretty much a jawbreaker, but i am very proud. Or the fact that I again started caring more about my guitar, putting more time into old loved hobbies like gaming and sometimes streaming these games to TWITCH. More for my self than for anybody else, but why not. For 2021, I have planned to rework the Jelly prototype, maybe with some help from good ol Sebastian. And finally, this blog would need a redesign as well. It is not a very good thing that a Frontend Evangelist like myself uses a boring old Joomla Blog for himself because he was too lazy to work something better. But not without pride let me point out that this Joomla Blog gets a google page speed scoring of 97/100. Wich is insanely good for a php cms like joomla and a little secret what miracle work I did to make this happen.

Michael, stop babbeling, nobody cares. What is the reason for this spontaneous blog post? Yeaaah, I get asked on a regular basis, since I work at Microtronics "What is it you are doing?" or "How can i imagine the IoT?".

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Joomla: obituary notice

I can't help myself, but I got the strong feeling that something regarding the content management system Joomla changed over the last couple of years. And I do not mean the good kind of change. Ok, it is true. I may have overslept some changes. And I may have missed some major releases. But should there not have been more release to miss? Does Joomla have such long release cycles? Or switched the former very active community with its component- module- and template developers to another cms tool like Wordpress? At least the graphic a quick google lookup revealed, suggested so. Market share 2015 up until now: 60.7% Wordpress, 7% Joomla, after all, second place in front of Drupal and Blogger.

Yet there is this feeling of solitude, searching the web at 3am for components and modules from solely canceled and discontinued projects of former major players, not even compatible for the last major Joomla release. Abandoned and deserted project sites with last updates mid 2013. Therebetween, fee-based components, promising god and the world while not giving me the opportunity to test or try them beforehand. At least, there seems to be some artists around which are publishing their Wordpress templates for the big J too. (Source)

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hello world!

It is time. This has been overdue long enough. The whole world forces their opinions and '2 cents' on the internet's mind about everything and nothing when I sit quietly beside and keep my mouth shut. This changes now. Hereby I officially start my own software development blog. I planned to do so for quite some time now. If it wasn't about time. So, what will be my topics? Since I work as C#.net developer and engage in 2d game development with Java in my spare time, this will be my first priority. I want to discuss various techniques, maybe dissect some code snippets and walk you through my/our game concepts and ideas.

The attendive reader has already noticed i switched from singular to plural. So, who is there else? It's simple: I work with several friends on various projects. There are graphic artists, other software engineers, audio people, hands for marketing and distribution and so on. And the many, many friends which keeps testing and reporting bugs and cheer us up if something goes the wrong way and a gameplay or concept blews up in our faces. ;) Thank you all. I guess it takes some more people than us core nerds in front of eclipse, which engage in the nitty gritty technical details. But first and foremost there will be articles and videos about game development.

So, I'm looking forward to the future, and should there be, against expectations, some human beings interested enought to keeps reading my blog, giving in to my bad grammer and worse spelling and enduring my wicked, inexperienced style of writing: You're the real mvp!

See you next time


public class HelloWorld { 
    public static void main(String[] args) { 
      System.out.println("Hello World!"); 
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