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Awaking Jelly from his slumber

I just thought, I'll let you know what I am up to these days. Hi. So yes, I am still existing and constantly occupied with several very interesting technologies and projects. Turns out I am not the guy who keeps his blog updated on a regular basis, though. Working on that :)

As you may already know, I decided to send my favourite project, the Jump'n'Run Bound-By-Magic, to sleep for the time being, because we haven't got an artist for the graphics and I don't want to use store graphics for something that important to me. In the long run, I am sure we will some day find the right partner to work on this again. The storywriting and the conceptional work already done will not lose quality over time, so this is not a big deal for us. We already created a proof of concept with Unity3d and some asset packs. You can download this early prototype here if you are interested in trying it out.

Althought it is a little bit sad to suspend the work on Bound-By-Magic, on the other hand now I got the time to continue on another prototype I am eager to work on: Jelly Bubbles.

Jelly is a top down puzzle/action game Sebastian and I planned for the mobile platforms two years ago. We really put some serious thought in the concept and gameplay. In early May this year, I checked out the codebase again to my hdd and reviewed what we already had in the prototype state. We started this project 2015 using the libGDX library for Java. Sebastian had already drawn some beautiful graphics for this libGDX proof of concept version. Since I am playing around a little bit with Unity3d lately, I playfully tried to recreate the game we had back then with this engine. The results were really promising, so I gave Sebastian a call and showed him what I got. Together, we decided to give this project another go. Currently we are clearing out the direction the game should take, both from the artistic point of view and the technical decisions. For example, we've decided to target Steam and XBox instead of Android, since the gameplay we constructed is really working out great on a controller-based console, providing some minor changes to the camera as well. We are very eager to hear your thoughts about it.

Stay tuned, in time we will give you details about the story, our inspirations for this game, example gameplay videos, a demo version for you to try, and much more!

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