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majoring: web and mobile media design

It's Tuesday early afternoon. I just watched the c-tv keynote speakers at college. Now I am sitting in the park, writing this lines on my laptop. How is this possible? Easy. I'll start my major university course "Web and Mobile Media Design" at the Danube University Krems. Upcoming friday, I'll bid work goodbye and will spend a year on leave for further education. Until then, I am consuming my vacation days. Yes, you heard correctly. I am about to start my student days after 10+ years working in software development.

Now the time has come to start caring a little bit more about myself. Alongside the certainly stressful university routine, I am going to spend more quality time on things I like and love. Going out more often, exercising, choking the guitar, meeting friends, partying more, visit festivals, attend Gamescom, play DnD, heavy gamedevelopment and of course, webdevelopment. Honestly, I am so looking forward to this year. During my first year of my leave, I've chosen the model of paid leave by the employment agency for my first year of university and will work marginally employed two days from June to September in my previous dayjob. During winter semester from October on I am going to work as lecturer for the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten on a marginally basis. The second year, I am planning to work 20 hours/week beside University. I hope I get the opportunity to engage more in my plans around yKeen during my education. I certainly will post an update how things are going and how I am doing. Usually I am not to keen about things changing. Trust me, I can see the irony saying something like this as a webdeveloper. But in this case, I'm game.

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Michael Wagner

...is a software developer (focus on App/Webdev, UX/UI, IoT) located in Lower Austria.  When he is not working on new app ideas, web applications or game designs, he teaches webdevelopment at the university of applied sciences St. Pölten. In his spare time he usually plays and streams videogames, tinkers with various webdev tools, does some sports, is making music with cubase and his electric guitar or hitting the fields with his cam. Since 2010, he is certified business administrator for applied computer science, in October 2020 he achieved his Master of Sciences (M.Sc.) degree in "Web and Mobile Media Design" at the Danube University Krems.

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