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Radventure - 2d Pixelart Platformer with Unity

In February of 2018, I decided that firstly I want to work more with Unity, secondly I want to share my knowledge about game design and thirdly I haven't worked enought with them students of mine. :D I concluded these thoughts with the idea to create a new Unity game with a bunch of interested students. Found the right people right away. As things turned out, many of them are stupid talentet and possess an unbelievable good basic knowledge about game mechanics. Motivationwise, there is work to be done tho.

After some meetings and hitting our think tank, we came to the decision our game should be a tile based platformer with a story arc revolving around technologised animals. The single levels should be held together by Mario or Rayman Origins-esque overworlds wich concludes in a bossfight each. Our title is Radventure and our main character is a red panda called "Rad". :D The player expands his skillset through milestones within the game's world, where he gets upgrades and new abilities. The battle system should feature melee as well as ranged attacks. Because we only work on this in our spare time, the planned project duration will be rather long and the primary goal is to create a runable demo and learn something about game design.

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Awaking Jelly from his slumber

I just thought, I'll let you know what I am up to these days. Hi. So yes, I am still existing and constantly occupied with several very interesting technologies and projects. Turns out I am not the guy who keeps his blog updated on a regular basis, though. Working on that :)

As you may already know, I decided to send my favourite project, the Jump'n'Run Bound-By-Magic, to sleep for the time being, because we haven't got an artist for the graphics and I don't want to use store graphics for something that important to me. In the long run, I am sure we will some day find the right partner to work on this again. The storywriting and the conceptional work already done will not lose quality over time, so this is not a big deal for us. We already created a proof of concept with Unity3d and some asset packs. You can download this early prototype here if you are interested in trying it out.

Althought it is a little bit sad to suspend the work on Bound-By-Magic, on the other hand now I got the time to continue on another prototype I am eager to work on: Jelly Bubbles.


Bound by Magic: infos and gameplay

Check out this first VLOG about the game Bound by Magic. We are talking about many important stuff, like game mechanics and features, story, who we are, why do we make this game and so on and so forth. We even show off some nice gameplay footage from our early alpha proof of concept prototype version. Give it a try and watch the video. Also, check out the outtakes at the end of the video. They are hilarious!


Dracoo leveleditor 101

Already since march 2013, our free of charge download game Dracoo the Dragon awaits you in Googles Play store. Now, we are planning on releasing him on iOS/iPhone/iPad as well. I took this opportunity to explain the level editor in more detail. After all, it is public and free accessible and we treated it shabbily after the release. We did not talk about it very much. In fact, we did not talk about it at all I guess. It is quite simple to understand and equally simple to operate. One creates a new level with a certain levelpack online, pushes it to the game server and trys it out in the very instant, still being in the browser. Maybe some of you want to distribute a new and challanging level for Dracoo the Dragon yourself. Or you just play around a little while and get comfortable with the editor.

If you send me some nice levels in JSON format, I will probably set myself to work and review your levels, pack them in a new and free Dracoo community edition or just add them to the existing levels within the actual game. Given they provide our high quality standard.

It would give me great pleasure, if you grapple with the editor and the game itself. The game is created to be played and to have fun with eventually.

So, enough said. How to create a level?


LibGDX Dev Tutorials

Dear blog. It's me again. I had (and still have) the conviction that someday, I am going to design and implement one hell of an awesome 2d game. Until then, I kill my time wrapping my head around various gaming concepts and occasionally developing prototypes and proof of concepts. As chance would have it, Sebastian and me were working on a very promising idea the other day. So we decided to draft a quick protoype in libGDX. As you would expect from us, we did not finish it to a degree to pitch it somewhere. But in our humble opinion, it should be a pretty solid foundation.

We thought about it and came to the following conclusion: This blog will serve us as platform to document the process of development for this game. There will be examples, code snippets, tutorial videos and explanations to every part of creating the game. We will break bigger problems down to solvable, more understandable smaller problems. Since I often found the solution to a problem I had on various blogs and development sites, I thought it is about time to share my solutions the same way.

Here you can see the first video on this topic, which was already taken in october last year (one can easily realize how rarely there is time to advance projects like this).

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