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mikesdevcorner.com - December 2018

Radventure - 2d Pixelart Platformer with Unity

In February of 2018, I decided that firstly I want to work more with Unity, secondly I want to share my knowledge about game design and thirdly I haven't worked enought with them students of mine. :D I concluded these thoughts with the idea to create a new Unity game with a bunch of interested students. Found the right people right away. As things turned out, many of them are stupid talentet and possess an unbelievable good basic knowledge about game mechanics. Motivationwise, there is work to be done tho.

After some meetings and hitting our think tank, we came to the decision our game should be a tile based platformer with a story arc revolving around technologised animals. The single levels should be held together by Mario or Rayman Origins-esque overworlds wich concludes in a bossfight each. Our title is Radventure and our main character is a red panda called "Rad". :D The player expands his skillset through milestones within the game's world, where he gets upgrades and new abilities. The battle system should feature melee as well as ranged attacks. Because we only work on this in our spare time, the planned project duration will be rather long and the primary goal is to create a runable demo and learn something about game design.

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