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mikesdevcorner.com - March 2019

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10 easy, free and functional webdev tools to use in 2019

Webdevelopment is great. Webdevelopment is tiresome. Both statements are true. It is the best feeling to engage in so many different technologies, libraries, best practices, tools and the underlying toolchain. The knowledge to grasp and understand todays web technologies is awesome. Every major development has a vibrant, seething community behind them which have already answered most of the questions possible to arise, and if not, they sure enough have the answer within hours for you. On the other hand, developing for the web means a constant high stress level, staying up to date, replacing outdated libraries, build new toolchains bc the old api's broke and often times learn more core concepts (again). On top of this all is another "problem". There is not THE way of doing things or THE toolset to solve a problem, but a zillion. And every single one of them is better than every other, at least if you believe the communities on the backside. One could get a little bit nostalgic, thinking about times when jQuery was the only thing to know. The one and only true multitool and there were no (or not so many) questions about deployment, dependencies and task runner.

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