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In this section, let me introduce some projects from my past to you. You'll find simple HTML websites as well as CMS implementations or self created web applications. The CMS of my choice in the past was Joomla, the shown RIAs are done with ExtJS respectively jQuery as client framework and a php5 mvc application as backend solution.

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Web Link Me Want That (App-/Webdev)

Me-Want-That is the example app, created for my masterthesis in the year 2020. The paper broke down various hybrid app development frameworks and compared them to one another in terms of developer ease of use and other key criteria. For the sake of comparability, I designed a very basic shopping list app (Me Want That), implemented a Laravel REST API backend with swagger open api documentation, o-auth2 authentication and orm (eloquent) based database layer based on mariaDB. Furthermore, I implemented the app frontend with both IONIC as competitor for web hybrid development frameworks and FLUTTER for the native hybrid app development's champion. Following the link, you'll be guided to the laravel backend, from where you can dig deeper.

Web Link History First

History Research Wordpress Site: group project for the "Web and Mobile Media Design" master degree level at Donau Universität Krems. The site represents a platform for research outcomes for the Scientist Group "Forschungsnetzwerk Interdisziplinäre Regionalstudien" (first). The project landed the appreciation award from tecnet | accent Innovation Awards 2019.

Web Link xSheetGames.com

The umbrella brand for our mobile games. The roof, under which we publish games and apps for smartphones and tablets. Teammembers are Sebastian Stadler (graphics and concepts), Harald Lurger (development) and Michael Wagner (development and audio).

Web Link Customer Processing (Web Application)

Customer Processing is a ERP-Tool for event management organisations. It stores and processes bookings and reservations. Data input is easy to use and consisten in the whole application. On the server side we used PHP5 for the scripting (frontend controller pattern, observer pattern, mvc). On the client end plain HTML, CSS and JS (ExtJS3) is used. Project members were: Roland Widmayer and Michael Wagner

To log into the test system, please use the 'testuser' account with the password 'init'.

Have fun.

Web Link Smart Booking (Web Application)

Smart Booking is a web based crm/erp tool to manage booking data, product packages, user contacts and trip details. It was created as educational project back in 2010 for a hostel group located in lower austria. Technical lead was Michael Wagner, Project Members were Roland Widmayer, Johannes Andres and Florian Schatz.

If you want to access the test system filled with bogus data, use the account "test@test.at" with the password "init".

Web Link Dracoo the Dragon Level Editor

A level editor, with wich one is able to create new levels for the android game Dracoo the Dragon. The levels are exported as JSON files and are prepared for direct use in the APK file. Since there is a browser version of Dracoo the Dragon (WebGL presumed) the push button exports the new level directly to the online tryout version of the game. Use the try button to test your new level. To control the dragon, use the arrow and space keys. The leveleditor uses the ExtJS 4 javascript framework and follows a strict MVC pattern.

Web Link Bandhomepage Sustain

The website of the alternative band SUSTAIN from St. Pölten, Lower Austria. Genre: Alternate Rock; Members: Sebastian Stadler (Vocals, Guitar), Harald Lurger (Drums), Siegfried Puchbauer (Bass), Michael Wagner (Guitar).

Web Link PEP Employee Roster

One of my early works of software developing. An extjs based tool for scheduling human resources inside a grocery store. Nothing special though.

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