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In this section you can view some published games and game prototypes. Some of them were created in collaboration with Sebastian, the mastermind behind the nice graphics style in some of them, and a fellow game designer. We published some of them under the brand xSheetGames. Thanks to all the busy testers and friends. Without you, it would have been way harder.

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Web Link Radventure Prototype (Unity/WebGL)

Radventure is a tile based pixelart platformer game we came up in early 2018. I got to know some students of mine from university and we decided to give it a shot to learn something about game design and development together. This is our latest playable prototype version. The game is created with Unity3d. All assets are hand drawn.

Web Link Jelly Bubbles Prototype (Unity/WebGL)

Jelly Bubbles is a project we started in 2015, and suspended it shortly after finnishing a prototype version in favour of some other projects. Now, May 2017, we decided to wake this project from its slumber and continue the work on it. We switched our technology stack from libGDX to Unity3d and changed our target platform form mobile to consoles and steam. You can view our first early Mai 2017 Unity3d prototype/proof of concept as webGL version. Controls: Up/Left/Right Arrows, Shift, Space, Esc

Web Link Jelly Bubbles Early Prototype (JAVA/LibGDX/WebGL)

The last Jelly Bubbles LibGDX prototype, before we changed the technology-stack to Unity3d and planned on targeting consoles and steam rather than mobile platforms.

Web Link Dracoo the Dragon (JAVA/LibGDX/Android Play Store)

Fly the little dragon named Dracoo through the lovely 2d scenery and shoot as many enemies as possible with your deadly fireballs. But watch out, they will try to harm you too. Steer Dracoo past all obstacles, stay clear of bats and other shady creatures and eat as many chilis as possible to strenghten your breath. Dracoo: Adventures of the little Dragon is a simple but lovely 2D game in which you have to fly and shoot badass animals and other evil characters with your deadly fireballs.

Web Link Dracoo the Dragon Prototype (JAVA/LibGDX/WebGL)

The webGL version of dracoo the dragon. One of the latest beta test versions, before we published the game on the android store. You control the dragon with the arrow keys. To fire, press the space bar. WebGL have to be installed and enabled within the browser to play.

Web Link Bound-By-Magic Prototype (Unity/WebGL)

See our first gameplay prototype of our Unity 2d Jump'n'Run Bound-By-Magic. We put the development on hold after finnishing this prototype because we want to use own graphics rather than these art-packs we use in the prototype. But our lead graphic artist is busy with other projects, so we wait for him to join us some time in the future again for finnishing this gem. If you are a grahpic artist and want to join forces with us, let us know!!

Web Link A Dogs Memory (Java/LibGDX/Android Play Store)

A dog's memory is a very simple, yet engaging memory game for kids, preschoolers and everybody else. You need to help Wilbur Woofer, the friendly little dog, to match all the cards!

Parents and adults also have fun playing but since it's meant for kids it's really easy to use. You simply hit the play button, choose the number of cards and the game starts. The memory starts with open cards, then they turn around. Now it's your turn to find them all. Wilbur will appreciate your effort, jumps up every now and then and does funny animations!!

Web Link A Dogs Memory Prototype (JAVA/LibGDX/WebGL)

An early alpha version of a-dogs-memory, a puzzle game for kids. WebGL have to be installed and enabled within the browser to play it.

Web Link GemCrush Prototype (Unity/WebGL)

Small Game Prototype I did inbetween two other projects. It is loosely based on candy crush.

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